Momspringa Manifesto

Think of Momspringa as a sabbatical for moms. Some call it a momcation. Whatever we call it—it’s a getaway where we remember what freedom is like, take just long enough to relax and recharge, and return to our families refreshed and recommitted to being the most kick-ass moms we can be.

What I do on the ideal Momspringa:

  • Wander.
  • Travel light.
  • Visit art and history museums.
  • Gush about TV shows that kids aren’t into.
  • Drink in moderation.
  • Let someone else drive.
  • Walk.
  • Take it easy.
  • Eat without regard for the carb-to-vegetable ratio being offered.
  • Skip lunch if I want to.
  • Apply sunscreen to no one but myself.
  • Get blowouts. (The good kind, that end with fabulous hair and may include a scalp massage).
  • Don’t take naps. (Unless I feel like it.)
  • Look for souvenirs.
  • Steer clear of playground.
  • Take selfies.
  • Stay in fun places.
  • Finish conversations.
  • Recharge.
  • Have an experience that is just about me.

Why moms?

I know this is generalizing, but on the whole, it seems that dads are better at “me time.” Sports, and business trips, and athletic pursuits—they just don’t seem to face the same difficulty carving out space and attention for themselves. This is not about blaming or guilt tripping, however; this is about simply understanding what we need and making it happen. And heck, if you’re a dad, and you need a dadspringa, jump on. We don’t discriminate. Happy people make better parents, period.

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