Five Random Thoughts That Occurred to Me on Vacation

  1. No one enjoys a 10-hour plane flight more than a mom who rarely flies on her own. Watching mediocre chick flicks has never been so relaxing. I had to force myself to stop and sleep.
  2. I think I have an idea for the next historical biopic, and the perfect casting. (Hello, Poldark fans.) This statue of Robert Burns bears a striking resemblance to Dr. Dwight Enys, in my humble opinion.

    A comparison of two similar faces
    Left: Bust of Robert Burns. Right: Luke Norris as Dr. Dwight Enys.
  3. There is so much old stuff in Europe, they build retaining walls out of ruins.retaining wall built out of abbey ruin stone pieces
  4. I have not yet unlocked the full potential of dry shampoo, but I think its implications for ease of travel are great.
  5. On my last plane flight to England sans offspring, fate somehow placed the cutest, most well-behaved baby in the northern hemisphere in the row next to me. I believe this is the true irony of which the prophet Alanis spoke.

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