Off the Beaten Path for an L.A. Vacation – Part 2

If the secret is out, I might as well go all the way. In my previous L.A. via Burbank post, I shared some favorite attractions, and a few choice dining and drinking spots. Here, I’ll focus on the unique shopping experience that Burbank offers.

Retail tourism

What fun is a vacation without a little shopping? I’m not the type to buy a T-shirt from my destination, but I love to have a little something special—no one else will know, but I’ll always remember where I found it. L.A. has so many great shopping destinations: the garment district downtown ($); Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles ($$$); Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills ($$$$$$$$$); and one of my favorite and the most unique: Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank ($$-$$$).

This street is a walk back in time. Or at least a walk back to an idealized time. A large group of like-minded past-o-philes have gravitated to Magnolia Park, and you can get anything vintage or vintage-esque. There are a wide variety of hip thrift and vintage stores, like Hubba Hubba, Playclothes and Junk for Joy. There is a truly unique Los Angeles experience, It’s a Wrap, which sells clothes the movie and TV studios are done with, complete with codes on the tags sourcing each item to the production from which it came. And then there is a whole range of stores selling new clothes and accessories in vintage styles: Unique Vintage, Pin-Up Girl Boutique, What Katie Did Lingerie, Audrey K Boutique, Classic Hardware and more, offering clothes that fit and flatter every body type. You can be sure to find something unique on this little stretch of street.

In addition to vintage lovers, the street is an embarrassment of riches for nerds, enthusiasts and collectors. Comic books, collectibles, pop culture, specialty bookstores—there’s something for a fan of everything, including:

  • The Perky Nerd—one of the few female-owned comic book stores in the country, complete with cold-brew coffee and an art gallery
  • Blast From the Past—Collectibles galore
  • Autobooks – Aerobooks—the World’s Fastest Bookstore
  • Creature Features—a horror/specialty-themed bookstore
  • Dark Delicacies—a horror-themed collectibles shop with regular events and signings
  • Halloween Town—yes, we have spooky supplies all year long, with not one, but THREE locations in the same block (One for décor, T-shirts and collectibles; one devoted to costumes; and one specifically for kids’ costumes. Halloween Town Kids is only open seasonally, but if you need something specific, staff at one of the other stores will open it up for you as needed.
  • Geeky Teas and Games—This is a new little spot where people can gather, play games, buy collectibles and drink tea.

The last Friday of every month, the Magnolia Park area of Burbank also hosts Ladies and Gents Night Out, featuring more than 30 food trucks; As ground zero for the food truck craze, L.A. has a mobile kitchen to satisfy every taste bud, and a good number of them flock to this event. Non-food trucks also show up, selling fashion, yarn and knitting supplies—I was even fitted for a custom pair of clogs last month.

Well, it appears I’ve inadvertently written a love letter to my little neighborhood; so be it. L.A. Certainly has enough depth and breadth to entice people of absolutely all interests; Burbank is a great place to choose as your home base during a trip out. If you aren’t careful, you just might spend your whole trip there.

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